If your on this page to get your own Animated Spokesman,
we will get that done for you.

1--You have your choice of one of the spokespeople shown below.

2--You will be able to insert your GSPartners referral link 

3--You will receive a url link and a embed code to launch your Spokesman, price is $100.00.  Bandwidth for the 6 months is included. After the first 6 months bandwidth is $10.00 per month

4--The voice message that is spoken by the $100.00 spokesman is standard. BUT a custom spokesman voiceover message up to one minute can be added for $100.00. Total Price is $200.00

5--You can change the page url where your spokesman appears for an additional $100.00. Your standard spokesman will appear here on.  https://GoldStandardWebinar.com/

6--To see a sample of what you receive  Click this button

More G999 Spokes People Are Coming on 4-7-21










Items Needed To Place Your Order
Submit your info in this order

1--Your Name

2--Your Email address

3---Your Cell Phone Number

2--Enter Your FULL GSPartners Referral Url

5--Enter Your Spokesman Number

6--Are You A Member Of The G999 or DAS613 GSPartners Team?  Yes/No

7--Do you want a custom Voice Over message? Yes or No (max 1 minute)
Your own 1 minute custom voice over message is 100.00 total price is 200.00

Click this example buttom to hear the standard voice over

Send all  items above to g999.store@gmail.com. After we recieve your order the invoice along with payment blockchain addresses will be emailed to you

Payment accepted will be
Cash,  G999 Coin, Bitcoin & Ethereum

Our Regular Order Page will be finished soon!!!

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www.G999.Store is located in Oxnard, Calif 93035   g999.store@gmail.com     805 619 0399