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 Earn Weekly & Quarterly Rewards

With Our Elemental Certificates From Gspartners / Lydian World

Our Lydian World Metaverse From GSPartners Provides You With Passive Income Opportunities 
& Is Launching For Everyone On May 8, 2022---Join Now

   Join GSPartners 1st BEFORE JOINING Lydian World & Get a 10% DISCOUNT For MEMBERS ONLY SPECIALS on Lydian Lions that you will need in Lydian World  (It's FREE To Join)

Lydian World
When you join GSPartners as a Member You get a NFT Voucher that you can use in Lydian World Metaverse with your membership
The Exchange Is  Using The G999 Blockchain & G999 Coin After 5-8-22
Our Lydian World Metaverse Is Now Open
Join Today--It's Free
You MUST---Watch This Lydian World Metaverse Video Now

Lydian World, The GSPartners New Metaverse is now open to all GSPARTNER Members.

Lydian World will open to the public on May 8, 2022. Join Now and get positioned BEFORE the public joins!!

Floyd Mayweather The Newest Lydian World Ambasador Promotes Our Lydian World Metaverse At His Most Recent Boxing Match In Dubai  5-21-22
lydian world

The fascinating Lydian World has been inspired by the ongoing evolution and maturation of the digital virtual world. Over the past two decades, we have witnessed the launch and growing use of smartphones, tablets, apps, and browser technologies, which have given life to an online economy, and the birth of cryptocurrencies. Over the past 2 years, we have seen these new technologies becoming more mainstream, and their use is normalized through the means of exchanges, storage of digital assets, and disruption of large industries, such as the online gaming markets.

One of the latest evolutions in this technology has led to the creation of Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTʼs), as well as the construction of multiple market platforms and places where this new massive rend can establish its market share. We are firm believers that this will continue to grow from strength to strength, and so have positioned ourselves as role players and providers in this new market.

In our eyes, Our Lydian World Metaverse is a unique virtual world, designed to evolve with the latest technologies and trends & will give our growing community the ability to take part in, and benefit from, assisted copy trading activity, digital artwork creation and marketing, transparent digital banking reward mechanisms, digital asset authentication and distribution, and much much more.

The Lydian World Metaverse gaming engine and developer-friendly environment are designed to give gamers, players, and developers the ultimate opportunity to build, own and monetize gaming experiences and universes. Through the use of decentralized bridge technology, users can transfer their assets, avatars, wearables, and collectibles across multiple blockchains, into multiple online universes. A world created to reward online, digital meet-ups, events, art shows, educational tasks, concerts, and which is ready to bring endless interactive possibilities to a limitless multiverse of opportunities.

Lydian World is a unique Metaverse virtual world, a blockchain-based gaming platform
that is partially owned and operated by its players Lydian World 

LydianWorld Metaverse From GSPartners Is  Now Open


Our  new LydianWorld Metaverse program is life changing

You get paid from all transactions in your country - Great Passive Income

IMPORTANT!!!--All GSPartner members have the opportunity to earn

specials on Lydian Lions -- Join GSPartners 1st!!

LydianWorld gives you a great way to
Earn Passive Income from all transactions
that take place within the country you are a citizen in.

Discover Our LydianWorld Metaverse Now

 Our Lydian World Metaverse Provides You
With Passive Income Opportunities

Imagine being able to become a member in an area & watch your country go crazy with NFTs & additional services, then sell your area for "X" amount (much more than you paid).

Think of every country or state as a commercial area run by a management team
voted in & out by its members. If your managers do not perform, you can vote them out!

The possibilities & revenue streams within Lydian World could be endless.

You saw in the video, concerts being played within the games, events,
items for sell, NFTs, & so much more.

Money generated from video game artefacts, weapons, maps & more...

Lydian Slaters will be the currency within Lydian World.
They will be needed to purchase anything & everything.

We as members can stake Lydian Slaters at a whopping 29% **

As a bonus, we will also be able to stake CAKE -
The official coin of Pancake Swap for 12%.

This coin was up 2900% last year

Your ticket into Lydian World (GSPs Metaverse) are Lydian Lion NFTs.

lydian world
You Can join LydianWorld and Earn Passive Income from the many positions that are available from each country
from the G999 Coin Transactions in that country.

President -- Earns 18% of all income in his country
Vice President -- Earns 12% of all income in his country
Senator -- Earns 8% of all income in his country
Congress Man -- Earns 6% of all income in his country
Govenor -- Earns 4% of all income in his country
Mayor -- Earns 2% of all income in his country
Citizen -- Shares in 50% of all income in his countr
y with all citizens
lydian world

Our Lydian World Metaverse Provides You With Passive Income Opportunities

Lydian.World is powered by two smart contracts, a liquid, and a non-liquid contract.
These contracts provide separate flows in order to create a continuously increasing demand for the existing supply of both tokens.


The non-liquid token is designed to deliver engagement into the game activities and generates liquidity through the end-point actions.

Let's take a few examples in which a user is generating liquid tokens while engaging in Lydian World through the use of the non-liquid token:


Acquiring a position in a country requires Lydian Lions (the non-liquid token), thanks to the acquired position the user can either hold the position, through mint of NFT proof of ownership and start generating rewards according to the game model. Or that same user can sell the position as an NFT, and in exchange receive the liquid token.

Use it as a fee to mint their own NFT's in the marketplace and generate a liquid token in exchange for their art, property, etc.

Open a private NFT marketplace providing the user their own business, through which they are able to sell NFT collections, generating liquid tokens from each single NFT transaction.

lace the non-liquid tokens into the “Mining Certificates” and receive rewards in the liquid token. use it as a credit, to define the limits of the partnership with the third-party assisted trading marketplace platform, in order to get access to the replicated trades and pay the commission for the generated profits.

In conclusion, the non-liquid token has its own extremely high value, in relationship with the liquid token in Lydian.World.

The non-liquid token is the key that allows its holders to play, whilst setting a profit-generating model with sustainable growth for the liquid token.

This makes it the absolute perfect model to keep a non-inflated token as liquidity for the Lydian.World, while the non-liquid one is always being consumed by the game itself.

lydian world
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