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Our GSLIFESTYLE CARD LAUNCHES August !, 2023 -- Get Yours

The GSLifestyle Card
Is Your Game changer

Get Involved Now

Your New GSLifestyle Card Will Change Your Life.  Watch this video to see why.

Imagine making up to 18 cents on each swipe anywhere in the world from lets say 500 people or better yet from 1000 people who swipe their GSLifestyle Card 3 times per day. Do the math.

Join NOW --Its EASY! --
People need this card and you can get it to them.

Here are just some of the features of the most
flexible crypto GSLifestyle Card  in the world.


- Five traditional currency accounts including USD, GBP, EUR, CNY and JPY

- 4-8% better currency exchange rates than high street banks.

- Manage all your crypto and traditional currencies within one simple platform.

- Add funds to your account via bank transfer,
credit / debit card, or crypto transfer.

- Spend or withdraw your funds anywhere Mastercard is accepted.

- Exclusive plastic, aluminium, stainless steel, gold-plated
and SOLID gold GSLifestyle cards available.

- 24/7 global support in multi-languages

- 24/7 Professional Concierge services

- Up to 40% discounts on hotels and travel.

- Instant rewards from high street retailers.

- Fast delivery of the GSLifestyle Card
to over 100 countries.



You Get PAID when someone you refer orders the card.

You Get PAID when they pay their monthly subscription.

You Get PAID every time that person swipes their card in a shop!

You Get PAID All  9 LEVELS DEEP in our unique rewards plan!

This is the truest form of residual income from a product people do use and will use every day of their life!

How often do you use your credit/debit card?


Every time someone orders and uses a card some of the fee's go to buying and burning G999 coins which will increase the value of G999! We designed it to do this!!

This is a product with no downside...Everyone wins.


www.G999.Store is located in Oxnard, Calif 93035     805 619 0399

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