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Getting started With GSPartners and useful links

Critical information

Hi, I’mFrank Lucero and I have been a GSPartners member since the beginning. My team grew to over 500 and my welcome email to send so I made this post/guide for those who registered with me. Others may find the information useful.

GSPartners Is the marketing arm for the virtual world game. (Lydian World) Also, the marketing arm for a blockchain (Open like ethereum. But faster and cheaper), a blockchain-based (private) communications app, a multi-currency debit card, (Can be used for buying, selling, and sending/spending crypto), and a crypto exchange. These services & profits will be brought into the virtual world.


1---Verify your account (KYC)

2--- Get Involved, either as a Member or a Customer. Members receive a 28.00 NFT with their 33.00 subscription. These Nft's are valuable in Lydian World.

3--- Attend the many Zoom Calls through out the week

G999 Team Meetings;  www.G999.TV -- Sat Morning 10am EST  --  Mon day Night  9pm EST

Everyone must register with their legal name and verify it in order to get paid,  I know lots of people register with a nickname which creates delays/problems.  

How to complete your KYC (Verify your account)
Login at Look for “Settings” and then “KYC”
If you registered with a name that does not match your photo ID It can take a long time to correct with support.  It’s faster to start over again with a new email address and account or click delete account at the bottom in settings.

If you need to register again, ( If I am your sponsor ) use this link:
(When you pay the $33 per month you get your own link & bonuses that allow you to earn when others click on your link to join Gspartners. )

When I see that new members complete their KYC .. 
It confirms to me there were no mistakes and they are good to go!
(Then I send more information/marketing tips.)


No problem. The below video shows how to get the card.
Step by step #7 below goes into greater detail plus there is a PDF.
The different card offers are in your GSpartners back office.
You can see them after clicking on “debit card”.


Plug In --What happens to a lamp when you unplug it?   It goes out!





























This recording was from (The beginning) of a Monday night (9 Pm eastern time) huddle call. ( ) I set my phone alarm so I never miss them. She explains the latest promotions and offers the best tips/strategies. Recordings of the team huddle are found in our facebook group.

Links ---These links are important to your success --Visit them!!!!

G999 Team Meetings;  www.G999.TV

Lydian World:

One Blockchain, One Ecosystem: (About G999/Blockchain & G999 Wallets )
GSPartners Main Platform: https://GSPartners.Global/
G999 Exchange Platform:
GS Smart Finance:



This intro is perfect for someone just getting started in the crypto world and unsure about the $33 per month subscription. Remember your subscription comes with your custom NFT that is worth 28.00, plus Lydian Lions & Legacy Points all of which you will use in Lydian World

In the prior GSPartners business plan, I had the Explorer Package. (Cost was $3,000) Many begged for a payment plan! (My package would have been $250.00 per month) Also, My prior offline business required me to spend tens of thousands of dollars on equipment, then $1000.00+ per year for insurance, and $60 every other day for fuel. At least I’m thankful I didn’t spend 75K on a degree I’m not using! Here you get great value for the $33 per month. It comes with assets and could keep paying you back for years to come. Hope this perspective helps!  

















Current Promotion: “The Mining Game” Earn up to 88%
year“mining” in the Lydian world




Lydian World telegram group where they discuss the game.

The mining certificates can be loaded with Lydian Lions. ( Think of Lydian Lions as “In game money” Used to buy citizen ship, services etc.) We can get a lot of them now for cheap now at GSPartners!

Important Lydian.World video tutorials have been uploaded on the official G999 Corporate YouTube channel. Please watch and share with your team members!

1) Linking Your Lydian.World and GSPartner.Global accounts:

2) Positioning In Lydian.World:

3) Lydian Mining Certificates:🔔

If you haven’t done so yet, please subscribe to the official G999 Corporate YouTube Channel at:


+ Is GSPartners a pyramid? Is Network Marketing Legit? These facts may surprise you! Click here

+ Here’s a generic recruiting page you can use. 

I can put your link on top of one just like it. (If you decide to become an affiliate) 

+ If you need Bitcoin to send to GSPartners, you can use Coinbase in many locations.  

Why buy G999? ( PDF )
How to setup GSDeFI PDF
Setting up GSLifestyle (PDF) 


Common questions

What are Lydian Lions? 
To be used in the game (Lydian World) Now they are being used to “buy Countries”. Once you do .. you can share in the profits that country generates in the virtual world.

What are Legacy Points? 
Think of them as customer rewards. Makes you eligible for prizes. ( Last contest 3 million. This contest 10 million) They can also be converted into Lydian Lions. (Checkout the “Super Dream Incentive” in your GSpartners backoffice!)

What is XLT?
It’s a voucher, which represents one square inch of commercial property, in a building based in Burj Khalifa Street – Business Bay – Dubai. if you are an XLT voucher holder, you will participate in the commercial income.
Is XLT a Token? No, XLT is not a token or a coin. (More info in your GSpartners back office)


What do I get for $33 per month?
You receive, one $28 dollar NFT. Lydian Lions and Legacy Points. Plus they let you in on the 9 level pay plan.  (If you skip a month, you do not get your downline taken away. You will miss out on commissions though.)

What is a GSLifestyle $10 Starter?

This is a basic basic virtual card account. That can be used as a currency exchange to get started.

How do I get G999 to activate the card?
Can be bought at GSPartners, or other exchanges. You also get wallets in your GSlifestyle backoffice for G999. ( TIP .. don’t pay for etherium wallet setup now .. a free one is coming at GSLifestyle. )



1. Decide how much you want to put in or exchange for your G999’s.
*Why G999?  Some of the reasons why we acquire G999 coins.
Little known info about the G999 coin and terminology:  Link (PDF)

2. Login to and complete your KYC’s
(KYC means “know your customer” Required by banking/financial laws.) Be sure to follow instructions when submitting the 3 photos. You will get an email confirmation. Please check your spam/junk folders or if using gmail, be sure to check under the Promotions tab if you do not receive.

3. Fund your wallet.
a. If you already own crypto, send over BTC or ETH and then proceed to #4.
b. If you don’t own any crypto you can start with ordering your $10 GSLifestyle Starter Card after you complete your KYC’s in GSPartners (you can start on laptop/desktop and then move to mobile phone to complete. This is the quickest and easiest. You are also told you will receive email, but if you can login to GSLifestyle, then you are approved). You can purchase this with credit or debit card. Once you are in the system, you can buy Bitcoin to then send over to GSPartners. Then proceed to #4. ( GSLifestyle Setup Guide )

4. Set up 2FA(2 Factor Authenticator) on both GSP and GSL. We recommend using Google Authenticator.
Be sure to save a copy(screenshot or printscreen from laptop. DO NOT take a picture with your phone) and save in a safe place. You can print, save to folder, flash drive, etc.

5. Grab as many NFTs as you can right now while there is still a good deal on them.

6. Register for your GSLifestyle Card. Complete KYC’s for your GSLifestyle account if you haven’t done this
step from #3. ( GSLifestyle Setup Guide )

8. Register for your GSTrade account at
( There is no referral link for GSTrade & IT'S FREE TO REGISTER )

9. Set-up your DeFi Savings Plan and/or Staking after creating a Core or Web Wallet. Decide if you want to
participate in. Wallets, staking, G999 explained and whitepaper

DeFi pays weekly … you can update your account each week so that your earnings get compounded!
Your coins are stored in a wallet only you control.

Have Questions?   Ask Me As I Am Here To Help You

Frank Lucero
To Contact Me Click Here Now
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