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    About the Gold Standard Bank Launch

  • We have had over 25,000 people register on GS Partners in the first ten days! That’s amazing so well done to everyone.

  • Website crashes, glitches are to be expected ad are being ironed out. This beta competition is designed to find them.

  • Support will start properly when the full business starts.

  • The registration competition ends on 15th December.

  • We have an event in Dubai on 19th, 20th, 21st December. Dubai is open fully.

  • This is the first phase of the roll out, its not the business starting.

  • This competition is just to help people get registered and in place before we launch the business properly.

  • It will be done in stages so as not to overload any part of the business. IT, support, leaders, legal etc. We have learned from the past!

  • You can earn commissions now in nine levels from people taking part in the competition. EG: If someone you register buys a Masternode voucher you earn $999usdt or a $99 Voucher you get $9.99USDT pad in real time.

  • You don’t need to buy anything to earn, just register… That’s the idea, so you can see how it works, and that it works!

  • KYC’s are not important for registering, referring or earning so don’t worry about doing those yet and if you do be patient. 25,000 KYCs in 10 days is a big job… but they will get through it and it will settle down.

  • We are currently getting the final comp plan and details signed off by the legal team! GS partners has an excellent legal team and everything is being done properly.

  • There is a huge machine of dozens of people working around the world on this. This is huge project. Legal, compliance, marketing, communication, events etc etc.

  • Websites, materials etc are being translated into multiple languages.

    We have a telegram group.

  • I haven’t used  I can add you … if we are connected.

  • Telegram is connected to your cell phone number.
    mine is 805 619 0399



  • I have Telegram installed on the desktop and phone.

    Facebook group

    You need your username and sponsor name. Both are required to join.
    ( My username is,       Name: Frank Lucero

    Price Maker: G999

 Get all your G999 holders on to this community led strategy. Exclusive Strategy & Training videos.
Archived there . Please Pass the word   .


We may receive some updates and training that may not be available to other affiliate groups.

For this reason, I encourage everyone to attend any team call chaired by Nitsa as much as possible, for maximum benefit.

One of the persons directly sponsored by Nitsa is Joby Gay, in whose team we fall.

Joby formed a Telegram affiliate group called Race to the G999. We link to Joby’s team via our senior business uplines Kevin James Brown and Debra Roffo.



 Acquire at the minimum $110 in Bitcoin and move it to your GSPartners account.

 BUILD YOUR TEAM and stay plugged in to the TELEGRAM Group

NOTE:  The packages are coming out December 15th. 

You want to have either $160 (Basic Package) or $1110 (Premium Package) in Bitcoin saved so you are ready to get your package and so you don’t miss out on commissions

General News

GS Partners is a new business, it has new products and a $3.5million incentive running!


It's the biggest incentive we have seen in over 20 years and is headline news in our industry.


It takes momentum to get a business growing and January is the best time of year to start as millions are looking for a new challenge!


Key Points To Remember


  • GS Partners is a zero risk business for the promoter and customer!

  • The Blockchain is 100% transparent! The total supply is there, as is every transaction.

  • G999 is live on three exchanges with more on the way.

  • They are about to reveal the total supply of G999 moved from Karatbit so everyone can see it. (This will end any speculation about supply out there)

  • The deflationary explorer will be live in the next two weeks so everyone can see every burned coin too. Total transparency.

  • When someone buys a product they receive it.. No waiting!

  • When someone buys something everyone gets paid instantly... No waiting!

  • GSPartners never holds anything belonging to me or you or anyone.

  • Take your commissions out every hour if you like.

  • The blockchain academy can be used by everyone to learn about Crypto and blockchain. We all need it whether we like it or not.

  • The encrypted email, and chat can be used by anyone worldwide. Its will be highly desired by sports clubs, governments or anyone who transfers sensitive data or who just wants privacy.

  • The GS Lifestyle card is backed by a 1O year old company and is a fully regulated financial institution.

  • Anyone and everyone who owns or wants to own cryptocurrencies will want the GS Lifestyle card. No other company has what we have.

  • If we ONLY had the GS Lifestyle card we can bring in millions of customers with it!

  • As the promoter you get paid when someone buys a GS Lifestyle card, pays their monthly subscription or uses their account! Every swipe, ATM, currency swap etc...9 levels deep! Its the dream network marketing/affiliate product.

  • In the background we have some of the best corporate, IT and legal staff working to make everything compliant. They have not been revealed as they want to get on with their work in peace. Once you see them you will be amazed.

  • You have all of us working together to make this the safest, most transparent, legal, lucrative, best affiliate business ever created!

  • If we are not happy with anything from an ethical, legal or moral viewpoint it won't be happening.

  • You have Alex and his IT team who are delivering fantastic website and technology solutions for us to use. He has delivered EVERYTHING on time so far and everything works... That's all we can ask for.

  • Last of all we have Josip who is putting the finances down and giving us the infrastructure to deliver what we need to make G999 and the blockchain a success.


The World's Biggest Sales Incentive


To help us get off to a huge start Josip has put up $3.5M in a wallet to create the biggest incentive ever seen in any sales company.


Show this to any leader in any sales company and they will be amazed. Its a great way to get their attention and show them our business.


We have created ways to win that ensure that every type of seller, promoter can take part. If you are not a direct seller and prefer team building you can earn points that way. It doesn't suit any one type of person so it's fair.


You will see that everything about GS Partners is fair!


There are 2000 prizes so everyone has a good chance to win something.


Wishing you the best of everything in 2021!


PS We have a private Telegram group for Breaking News and How-To's.

Look me up on Telegram and I'll add you! Frank, 1 805 619 0399 ( Ben Alexander  (1) 570721 2316 )  We also have Kevin's Telegram group    He likes to help your referrals make money ASAP and does his best to get your business to grow below you. 

Changes will be coming up so visit this site often